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"We are good in understanding needs and providing software solutions..." (Its our confidence gained from experience not our pride.) Scroll down for a 5 minutes read.

Why we are into Softwares

We are fascinated by the capabilities of computers and its growth in every sense and finds nirvana in controlling them, through the codes we compose.. Then we understood that nirvana alone won't win you bread.. Then we thought to use our skills to help the needy to win our bread, and nirvana as a kick.

So we founded Data and People Care. In short, De Care to create affordable software's which precisely serves the purpose of the clients and give us bread and the kick we mentioned.

Our software's can comfortably capture & organize data, and analyse it to the highest level of accuracy, and reproduce it in a sensible way, to get a clear picture of the scene, to communicate and set directions.

Letting the computer to handle this tedious, boring and repetitive, but very important area of data capture and analytics can reduced stress on employees making them more human towards colleagues and customers.

We started our operations in the year 2000 from TBI NIT (formerly REC) Calicut, Kerala with sponsorship of Government of India National Science and Technology Entrepreneurship Development Board. As years passed by, we moved to software capital Bangalore.

How we do Software.

Our way diagram

Our journey taught us that there should be an operation strategy, so as to bring Uniformity & Consistency in our operations. From our learnings of the past and the predictions of the future, we evolved the circle above into 4 equally important quarters: 1) Understand, 2) Solve, 3) Train and 4) Support.

What we did

In our journey of 18 years, we happened to make a few folks happy with our solutions. A glimpse is given below.

18 Years
41 Products
150+ Clients

Reach Us

If you want to get something done by computers, let us know, because we are a team who finds fulfilment in making the computer dance to your lyrics, composed by us.

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